AV Equipment overnight

AVIVA provides overnight shipping for rentals of LCD & DLP® projectors, laptop PCs, 3-chip digital video cameras and wireless mic systems.

If your AV equipment is broken, lost, stolen or forgotten, AVIVA can ship you AV equipment rentals overnight.

AVIVA Rental Systems LLC, is an AV equipment rentals and tech services firm serving clients throughout Virginia and across the mid-atlantic.

Overnight AV equipment rental across the USA
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Projector Rentals Overnight

AVIVA has an LCD or DLP® projector to meet your small venue or large venue projector rental needs and all are available for overnight delivery up to 3,000 lumens.
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Wireless MIC Rentals Overnight

AVIVA Rental Systems carries Shure wireless microphone systems, including the Shure PGX System, Shure SLX System and the Shure ULX System. If it is the last minute and you need a wireless microphone for your event or presentation, AVIVA can get it there overnight!
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Overnight Shipping of AV Equipment

AVIVA recommends UPS Next Day Delivery for all of its ovenite deliveries of AV equipment. UPS Next Day Air Early A.M.®, UPS Next Day Air® or UPS Next Day Air Saver® rates as determined by UPS will apply, in addition to a $10 handling fee. If there is an alternative preference for a shipping method, a $25 handling fee will apply.
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Laptop Rentals Overnight

AVIVA Rental Systems carries mainly IBM T-series laptops. The IBM T-series of laptop computers has proven to be durable, reliable, and fast and a great choice for road warriors seeking good performance packaged in a light-weight system.
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Video Camera Rentals Overnight

AVIVA Rental Systems is the source for overnight delivery of 3-chip digital video camera rentals. Choose from the Canon XL1 or the Canon GL-2 video cameras. Working on a tight budget? AVIVA also carries JVC Everio camcorders.
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Overnight Policies

Requests for overnight shipping must be made before 2pm, EST, the day prior to the desired arrival date. Orders must be cancelled four days prior to the scheduled shipping date.
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